Our Developer Portal is designed to help developers rapidly integrate payment processing using Datacap’s out of scope payment interfaces. Including:

  • Full API documentation for dsiEMVUS®, dsiPDCX®, and TranCloud™

  • Quick Start Guides with easy steps to integrate the essential credit and debit transactions needed by most Point Of Sale systems

  • Details on a full range of transaction types including Credit, Debit, PrePaid (Gift Cards), EBT, FSA, Loyalty and Electronic Foodstamps

  • Information on the range of supported payment devices and PIN pads by manufacturers such as Equinox, Ingenico, ID TECH, and Verifone

  • Create a free account for access and get the additional benefits of dedicated developer support and update information by email

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Datacap Advantages for POS Developers

Investing in development of payment capabilities is a significant concern for POS systems vendors. A solution that minimizes the initial effort and leverages that investment to support the numerous payment processors that customers will require can save a developer time and money.

Datacap offers developers a number of out of scope solutions to accommodate different POS system architectures, terminal hardware and peripheral requirements. Our payment products are certified according to the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) PA-DSS (Payment Application - Data Security Standard) so it’s easier for you to comply with the latest requirements.

  • Datacap gives developers the advantage of creating reusable interfaces to reach all major payment processors - giving your customers their choice of providers.

  • Datacap offers developers access to resources to speed integration for payment processing - with dedicated technical support.

  • Datacap’s interfaces securely manage EMV card reads, card swipes, and PIN entries so your code doesn’t handle sensitive cardholder data, reducing security concerns.

  • Transaction requests are defined in easy-to-construct XML and are supported across multiple development platforms for desktop and mobile devices.